LXRP propose destruction of near all mature trees in Gandolfo Gardens

Map showing trees identified for destriction in Moreland Reserve. Source: LXRP

Proposed Tree removals / Moreland Station reserves and Gandolfo Gardens.

The DEADLINE for submissions is WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 11

A Pre-filled form (Docx) to add your submission comments.

See Heritage Victoria currently advertised permits.

Moreland Council commissioned their independant heritage advisor to do a report on Gandolfo Gardens. Please make use of this information in your submissions.

Upfield Corridor Coalition independant Aboriculture assessment report (PDF) and Moreland Parkland Tree Data sheet (XLSx) (via Upfield Urban Forest)

Send submissions to: heritage.permits@delwp.vic.gov.au

All but a very few trees will be retained in the north eastern corner, north western corner, south western corner, and a few street trees along Cameron street. All of the mature trees in the Gandolfo Gardens are slated for destruction.

The maps of the area produced by LXRP show 10 hardstand cranes for building the station, resulting in clearfelling all vegetation. Moving the station next to, or over Moreland Road would enable the retention of many of these mature trees. LXRP already are required to work around the Heritage listed Moreland Station building, we think they also need to work around and retain far more trees as part of this project.

Moving the station close to or over Moreland Road would also increase pedestrian access from the south side of Moreland Road and better integrate with other public transport modes, including busses along Moreland Road and the tram stop in Cameron street.

The LXRP application to Hertiage Victoria also includes destruction of the two mature Sugar Gum trees that are likely to be part of the original planting by the local community in 1911. These trees are part of the hertiage of our community and should be preserved as a link to our past and the people who campaigned in 1911 and fought for the establishment of the Moreland Reserves, and later the Gandolfo Gardens.

Sugar Gum trees on the east side of Moreland Station planted in 1911
Map showing trees identified for destriction in Moreland Reserve. Source: LXRP

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