Key Demands

Upfield Corridor Coalition (formerly Moreland Level Crossings Removal Community Action Group) articulated these key demands in our vision for the Upfield Corridor from a facilitated workshop on May 25, 2019

No. Theme No. Request
1 Heritage a Heritage places, buildings (stations, gates, signal boxes etc), and vegetation/trees to be preserved, retained, repurposed, or re-used.
b Improved signage to assist with wayfinding and understanding of local history
c Land-use diversification
d Continued visibility and integrity of heritage assets
2 Public Transport a Move Moreland and Coburg Stations so that they straddle Moreland Rd and Bell St
b Better connectivity between trains, trams and buses
c Coburg and Moreland Stations to be accessible by both lifts and ramps.
d Pedestrian priority at traffic lights at Moreland Road, Reynard Street, Munro Street and Bell Street
3 Open Space a Retain existing green space and vegetation and increase, where possible.
b Maintenance strategy
c More street amenities (seating, playgrounds, bbqs) in parks and gardens
4 Safety and Residential Amenity a New, active recreational spaces are located and designed sensitively to minimise impacts on residential areas.
b More e vidence-based information on the health, safety, noise and other amenity impacts on neighbouring residents
c Ongoing infrastructure and services maintenance plan
5 Cycling and pedestrian access a Construct an elevated ‘veloway’ for commuter cyclists to run alongside the entire length of the new structure.
b At ground level, construct two, physically separate paths – one for cyclists, and one for walkers and people with wheelchairs.
c Prioritised signalling at each crossroad for Upfield Shared Path users at ground level.