Coburg Station Concept Design

Bell Street Crossing & Coburg Station. Level crossing removal at Bell Street. Proposal for the Coburg Station to straddle Bell Street in order to improve pedestrian accessibility.

Coburg Station Plan and Cross-section

The Community plan for Level Crossing Removal for Bell Street to Moreland Road includes both dedicated ground level walking and cycling paths and an elevated cycleway, or veloway, as part of the station design.

Part of the vision by the Upfield Corridor Coalition is for the elevated stations to stradle the major roads to increase pedestrian accessibility.

The Upfield Corridor Coalition commissioned some basic designs for how the elevated rail could look incorporating the Community vision document. The community Vision and commissioned artist impressions including a plan for Coburg Station, was presented at a Town Hall meeting at the Coburg Concert Hall on July 28.

The community coalition argue that Moreland and Coburg stations should stradle the Road crossings with pedestrian access to the elevated stations from both sides of Moreland Road and Bell Street. For Moreland station this also means the possibility of avoiding chopping down mature trees in Gandolfo Gardens and Moreland Reserve.

Mobility research experts Professor of Transport at  University of Sydney and PhD Candidate in the School of Civil Engineering, University of Sydney, argue that stations that provide more access points are far more efficient and can substantially increase train patronage.

“adding a second entrance can make new transit-oriented development that much more valuable. This is because it will likely increase activity on the previously less accessible side of the station” the researchers say in the article on The Conversation website: How to increase train use by up to 35% with one simple trick.

This article was also published by the ABC as The design trick that could cut 12 minutes off your train commute.

The plan commissioned for Coburg station by the Upfield Corridor Coalition shows the veloway in blue and in the station cross-section.

Read more at Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield: Community vision: stations straddling roads for increased pedestrian access with elevated cycle veloway

Coburg station elevation cross-section, straddling Bell Street


Drawing produced for: The UCC (Upfield Corridor Coalition)
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Date: 26/07/2019