Heritage and Culture Study

Upfield Corridor Coalition commissioned this Heritage and Culture Study. While it is wide ranging and identifies many of the important items of interest for heritage and culture, it may not reflect a full and detailed analysis of the Upfield Corridor as specified in the site map.

A survey of artefacts, buildings, infrastructure, overlays and groups that could be considered to hold historical and cultural significance to the community of Moreland.

Heritage Legend


Heritage – Buildings 01
Heritage – Buildings 02
Heritage – Buildings 03
Heritage – Buildings 04
Heritage – Buildings 05
Heritage – Buildings 6


Heritage – Infrastructure – 7, 8, 9
Heritage – Infrastructure 10, 11, 13
Heritage – Infrastructure 12

Public Art

Heritage – Public Art


Heritage – Artefacts 14, 15
Heritage – Artefacts 16, 17

Community Initiatives

Heritage – Community Initiatives 21, 22, 23
Heritage – Community Initiatives 24, 25

Upfield Level Crossing Removal Heritage map

Heritage and Culture Map

Community Groups

Upfield Urban Forest
Living Streets Coburg
Friends of Merri Creek
Climate Action Moreland
Moreland Community Gardening
Friends of Edward St
Friends of Upfield Linear Park
Upfield Transport Alliance
Moreland Food Gardens Network
Transition Coburg
Moreland Bicycle User Group
Brunswick Residents Network
Friends of Coburg Lake and Surrounds
Brunswick Communities For Nature
Extend the Upfield Bike Path to Upfield


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Date: 26/07/2019