Moreland Leader: LX Compo Call, Trees in Danger, Designs not quite on Track

Full page news on LXR – Moreland Leader 2 Sep 2019

The Moreland Leader featured a full page of news regarding level crossing removal. Three stories were published on the $460 million level crossing removal project on Page 5.

The feature story was on Compo Call for homes, about the fund set up for voluntary acquisition of houses that are directly beside the construction work.

A secondary story – Designs not quite on track – outlines some of the community concern over the recently released designs. This includes addressing the cycling and pedestrian crossings of Bell Street and Moreland Road, as well as other issues around signal priority and pedestrian access at stations, including availability of escalators.

Local sustainable transport campaigner John Englart has done an assessment of the upgrade to the Upfield Bike Path based on the LXRP design information. The Moreland Mayor called for crossovers to be built at Bell Street and Moreland Road.

A third story is on Trees in Danger. Evidently Gandolfo Reserve is not being used as a parking and lay down area, but plans released on the Heritage Victoria website show that all but a very few trees on both sides are to be destroyed, chopped down to allow 10 cranes to do the station and viaduct construction work.

Compo Call for Homes – Moreland Leader 2 Sep 2019
Trees in Danger – Moreland Leader 2 Sep 2019

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