Brief summary of feedback sheets from Town Hall meeting attendees

Here is our brief summary of the Town Hall Meeting Feedback Sheets at Coburg Concert Hall, Coburg, 2-4pm 28 July 2019 Hosted by Upfield Corridor Coalition and Moreland Council

Common questions/issues

  • Anger frustration about process and absence of info
  • Council to advocate harder
  • Consultation process poor
  • What’s the longer-term vision for the corridor?
  • How does the project link with increased frequency and services on the Upfield Line?
  • Why can’t the Upfield Line duplication occur at the same time as the LXRP?
  • What’s the plan for future level crossing removals? How does this project integrate?
  • Tell us what has been planned so far, so we know
  • LXRP should release their plans and information to the community immediately
  • Are there other viaduct designs that could be used to minimise vegetation loss?
  • Will Heritage Victoria’s assessment of the significant trees/structures be respected by the LXRP and inform designs?
  • Will LXRP incorporate the Auditor General’s recommendations re genuine community consultation?
  • Will the State Government approve a Design Review Panel assessment of the station designs?
  • Poor democratic process
Key design issues
  • How to integrate Sydney Road changes with LXRP
  • Access to train stations is a key concern
  • Gandolfo Gardens
  • Bike and pedestrian prioity
  • Health impacts
  • New toilets at Moreland Station
  • Green piers like that on Caulfield to Dandenong line
Next steps
  1. More media and publicity
  2. Pressure politicians
  3. Email Jacinta Allan and Lizzie Blandthorn
  4. Civil disobedience, community actions and protests
  5. Strong social media campaign
  6. Get on TV
  7. Create good relationships with community groups (eg. PT, environment, rail duplication, cycling)
  8. Connect with previous campaign groups
  9. Council to arrange meeting with LXRP and John Holland
  10. Council to push for protests and community actions
  11. Organise a protest outside LXRP office and/or local MP to get attention
  12. Request a noise and brake study from LXRP on other projects and make public

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