Citizens favour UCC station design in Moreland Leader Poll

Moreland Leader newspaper ran a poll for 24 hours between a Level Crossing Removal Project Station Design image and an Upfield Corridor Coalition Design image. With 619 voting in the poll, 65 percent favoured the UCC design and 35 percent the LXRP design.

Moreland Leader Poll on station design

The poll was fairly simplistic in just presenting two images with very little context, although there was extra information provided in some of the comments to the poll.

We argue that to improve station pedestrian accessibility, Coburg station should straddle Bell Street, and Moreland Station over Moreland Road as part of levelcrossingremoval on the Upfield line.

The Community vision plan for Coburg station shows a station design plan and cross section, with far more detail than LXRP has so far provided. See Coburg Station Concept Design.

As part of the Community vision the Upfield Corridor Committee have also commissioned a Heritage and Culture Study, Artist Impressions, Urban vegetation assessment, and Boundary and zonal mapping.

If you want to see the LXRP official early designs, this post on the Extend the Upfield Bikepath website contains them:

If you want to see the Community vision artist images as presented at the Community Town Hall Meeting, see our report.

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