Moreland Leader: Advocates get Boost in Budget

Moreland Council in their budget meeting have allocated $30,000 for community advocacy by community groups as part of level crossing removal. The budget allocation was reported on by the Morelabnd Leader, published 1 July 2017.

At the forthcoming Council meeting on Wednesday 14 July Moreland Council will vote to set up a community reference group on level crossing removal, which is proposed to meet on at least a fortnightly basis for the next year. One of the functions of this group will be recommendation for specific funding items submitted by community groups.

Moreland Leader article by Josh Barnes on Page 4: July 1st, 2019

Moreland Leader: Council sets aside money for community advocacy on level crossing removal

Advocates get boost in budget
Council to offer up to $30,000 and support for level crossing proponents
Josh Barnes

Advocates will be given up to $30,000 to plead their case to the Level Crossing Removal Project on the Upfield train line thanks to Moreland Council.

The funding was added to the council’s budget, which was approved on June 24.

An amendment from Cr Mark Riley added the budget allocation and the council will also form a reference group with advocates to help press their case.

The Upfield Corridor Coalition is expected to form part of the reference group. A document prepared by the coalition argues for the protection of trees in Coburg’s Gandolfo Gardens and greenery and cycling amenities underneath the sky rail.

Moreland Mayor Natalie Abboud said the support showed the council was backing activists. “We support the work that you’re doing, 100 per cent,” she said.

Jane Holroyd, a member of the Upfield Urban Forest group within the coalition, said the council’s support showed consultation from the LXRP was inadequate.

The details of the reference group and criteria for financial support will be decided at the council’s meeting next week.

Elsewhere in the budget, a flooding problem in Brunswick is set to be solved thanks to a $720,000 plan to increase the drainage capacity in Saxon St.

Garages, buildings and the street itself has flooded after heavy rains in recent years.

The project will aim to contain rainwater for a brief period of time to avoid flooding. The council’s director of city infrastructure Grant Thorne said designs were still being completed and there was no start date for works.

The council will also tip in $1m for work at Brunswick Baths, $1.9 million for a master plan at Coburg City Oval and $1.5 million for Glenroy’s Wheatsheaf Community Hub.

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