Moreland Leader: United Over Push to Build Green – Gandolfo Gardens rally

Moreland Leader reported on our protest in the Gandolfo Gardens held on June 16. The news article on Page 10 by Josh Barnes was published in the Moreland Leader on June 24, 2019.

Moreland Leader on Gandolfo Gardens rally

A group of activists and residents continue to build support for green spaces on the Upfield train line during level crossing removals.

The Upfield Corridor Coalition handed a community vision to the Level Crossing Removal Project after early designs for Moreland and Coburg train stations were released.

The vision made requests of the LXRP under five areas

— heritage, public transport, open space, safety and home amenity, and cycling and pedestrian access.

Coalition spokesman James Conlan said it showed the community was united.

“If we can stick together and keep pressuring the State Government, we’ll be able to achieve the outcomes that we deserve as part of this project,” he said.

Brunswick Greens state MP Tim Read spoke at the rally and said he hoped to present the vision to parliament and would join the coalition in fighting for the protection of trees in Coburg’s Gandolfo Gardens.

Mr Conlan said the coalition would meet Pascoe Vale MP Lizzie Blandthorn this week to discuss their recommendations.

Ms Blandthorn said she was pleased the community was having its say.

See Photos taken at the Gandolfo Gardens rally by John Englart:

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