UCC Community activists stand in Moreland Council elections

Save our trees

Key leaders from the Upfield Corridor Coalition, James Conlan, Sue Bolton and Pauline Galvin, are all contesting the upcoming Moreland Council election.

The election will be conducted entirely by post, with ballots arriving in people’s letterboxes from 6 October.

Statements by Upfield Corridor Coalition members standing for Moreland Council elections:

James Conlan

James Conlan
As one of the co-founders of the Upfield Corridor Coalition, I fought to the very end to save Gandolfo Gardens from the chainsaws. I also advocated for improved cycling, walking, and heritage outcomes. While I was devastated by the mindless destruction, I was proud to stand should-to-shoulder with locals in fighting for what was right.

As a Greens candidate for the South Ward, my priorities are:

  • Actively engaging with locals to ensure their voices are genuinely represented on council
  • Leveraging my knowledge of the planning system to stand up to greedy developers
  • Creating safer streets for people who walk and ride
  • Expanding our green spaces
  • Protecting community services and spaces
  • A vote for me is a vote for our planet, community, and social justice.

Read my candidate statement
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Pauline Galvin

Pauline Galvin
My name is Pauline Galvin and I’m standing as a Community Independent in the South Ward with the Sue Bolton Moreland Team.

I’ve been active in Community Groups over many years and have learnt we need:

  • to build on Moreland’s Climate Emergency response
  • open and transparent governance
  • better protection for our environment, urban habitat, noise, air quality and control of toxic industrial waste (often historic)
  • safe streets and active transport
  • to build resilient communities

With your support, I will be a responsive, active councillor who works hard for the best outcomes for residents, the local area, and environment.

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Sue Bolton

Sue Bolton
Since being elected as a Socialist Alliance councillor for Moreland in 2012, I have seen my role as helping the community campaign for their rights. I am opposed to secrecy on council or any other level of government.

When too many are confidential and the community is shut out, bad decisions get made and things get missed. Secrecy and the refusal to listen to the community resulted in us losing the Gandolfo Gardens trees and important heritage as well as not winning enough facilities for pedestrians and cyclists from the level crossing project. I supported the local residents from the beginning and helped build the campaign to save Gandolfo Gardens.

Read my candidate statement
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