Heatwave temporarily saves Gandolfo Gardens trees from the axe

Extremely hot weather saved Gandolfo Gardens last week from the chainsaw massacre directed by LXRP.

Temperatures late last week reached the low to mid 40s, conditions far too dangerous to work outside.

The irony is the mature trees they want to axe help reduce the temperatures in the local area micro-climate due to the shade they provide and the evapotranspiration.

LXRP promise they will plant three times as many trees, but that does not compensate for the 30-50 year period for new trees to mature and can provide a similar level of environment services in moderating local climate. Loss of trees is also loss of habitat for birds, small mammals and reptiles. There are no parks close by where these animals can flee to.

LXRP may start chopping down the trees in Gandolfo Gardens this week.

Come down from 7am every morning this week.

The Moreland leader gave front page coverage to our attempts to stop trees being axed east of the station:

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