Moreland Leader: Stopped in its tracks…(well so far)

There was a picket at Gandolfo Gardens all day to Save the Trees. 113 trees are going to be cuhopped down because LXRP do not want to consider alternative construction technologies with a small footprint or move the station slightly south.

The Moreland Leader covered the picket in this story:

Stopped in its tracks: Moreland protesters force level crossing removal works to a halt

The Moreland community has rallied together today to prevent level crossing removal works from going ahead at Moreland Station. The passionate group say they won’t stop at anything to see the trees saved.

Emilie Baxter, Moreland Leader
January 13, 2020 5:40pm

Moreland locals have stopped level crossing removal works in their tracks today.

Members of the Upfield Corridor Coalition formed a community picket line between workers and their trucks who were trying to install fencing in the park.

About 15 to 20 angry protesters have been standing their ground at Gandolfo Gardens since 6am this morning.

The Level Crossing Removal Project’s current design would see many trees removed at the gardens.

Upfield Corridor Coalition spokesman James Conlan said community members were only given two days notice for the construction works.

He said at this stage, John Holland workers had left the site.

“We’ve just got a bunch of dedicated people, passionate locals,” he said.

Mr Conlan said the John Holland workers were getting more frustrated as the day wore on.

He said the gardens were very important to the community and the trees needed to be saved.

“The community fought for its creation back in 1911 so it has historical significance,” he said.

“It’s a green wedge and it’s inconsolable that the Andrew’s Government is proposing to destroy one of Moreland’s few parks in the context of the climate and bushfire emergency.”

Save our trees

Protesters stood between workers and their trucks to prevent them from unloading equipment.

The group has proposed an alternative to the current design, which would see the new train station straddle Moreland Rd instead.

“It takes the new station out of the park so you save all the trees, and at the same time there’s quicker and safer pedestrian access to the station because you don’t have to cross Moreland Rd anymore,” Mr Holland said.

The group said they would continue to protest and block level crossing removal works until they had saved Gandolfo Gardens.

The Level Crossing Removal Authority and Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan were contacted for comment but did not respond by the deadline.

Reminder: Sign the petition
Sign the petition to save Gandolfo Gardens here.

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