Morelend Leader: Peak hour protest – Level Crossing removal will not solve congestion

Moreland Leader featured a story on the protests at bell Street and Moreland Road pedestrian crossings on Tuesday 10 November.

The protests sought to highlight that the congestion for vehicles will remain with cyclists and pedestrians still needing to cross these main roads. There is almost constant pedestrian and cycling traffic, so the argument congestion will be reduced when the boom gates are gone is far from accurate.

The protests called for:

  • New Moreland and Coburg stations moved closer to Bell St and Moreland Rd
  • Ramps over main roads to provide train passengers safe, direct access to platforms
  • Bike ramps for speedier journeys TRULY separated from pedestrians
  • Escalators at new stations (not just stairs and lifts for peak hour crush)
Source: Moreland Leader 2019

The level Crossing Removal Authority in their feedback report identified that cycling and walking was the top priority identified during community consultation, yet the designs fail to address numerous issues. 

The Latest plans released by the Government on August 25 show people rushing for trains will still have to wait at lights to cross dangerous Bell Street and Moreland Road, dodge fast-moving cyclists near station entries and then climb stairs or fight for a lift to access new elevated platforms. 

“Fast-moving commuter cyclists and walkers will be merged together near station entries where there is most foot traffic and they’ll have to cross dangerous roads,” John Englart told the herald Sun.

“At least 240 cyclists and pedestrians are crossing at the Bell St intersection each hour in the weekday morning peak.”

The fact is with the present concept plans, train passengers accessing stations, and commuter cyclists will be worse off with this Skyrail and even motorists won’t be happy. 

Bell Street protest

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