Taking the Community vision to Minister Jacinta Allan on level crossing removal

Taking the community Vision to Jacinta Allan

“Where we have an opportunity when we’re removing a level crossing to do more in those local communities to improve public transport services, we will,” said Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan in 2017, according to The Age.

Thank you Jacinta, will you then listen to us, meet with us to discuss our community vision for the Bell Street to Moreland Road Level Crossing Removal Project?

We came to you and your office this morning as Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) is failing to be transparent and disclose the design plans for the Bell street to Moreland Road Skyrail.

LXRP have already applied to Heritage Victoria for permission for demolition of the Munro Street Signal Box, but they have not disclosed their design plans for the viaduct and why the Signal Box would necessarily need to be destroyed, avoided or relocated.

We note also your refusal to guarantee the preservation of the high value mature trees in Gandolfo Gardens next to Moreland Station.

We note that the Moreland Community Reference Advisory Group held it’s first meeting this week, but we are still to hear from LXRP about the Stakeholder Liason Group that will be chaired by Pascioe Vale MP Lizzie Blandthorn. It might be an idea to get this rolling before LXRP proposes any further demolitions.

So we gathered outside your office this morning. We do hope you read the Community Vision document which we handed to your senior advisor.

Of course some of us didn’t manage to make it at all due to the 8:02 Upfield service to Flinders Street being Cancelled, which is pretty much situation normal for the Upfield Line.

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